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Greenwood Primary School is a warm and happy community where children and adults work hard together to succeed.

Online Safety plays an important part of keeping children safe at Greenwood Primary School. We have extensive security measures in place in school to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any online safety incidents are recorded and managed in accordance with our e-Safety Policy. Online safety is covered under our existing computing curriculum, explaining and demonstrating how children can stay safe and behave appropriately online.

At Greenwood, we understand that in order to be successful in keeping children safe online, it is essential that we work with parents to ensure the online safety message is consistent. It is important for parents to speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.  

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Online Safety

The internet is a fantastic place for children to learn, create and have fun, but they may occasionally have to deal with a variety of sometimes challenging issues.

Here on our Online Safety site we have included a number of helpful website & resources to give you advice, and to hopefully help you learn more and deal with these issues with your child.

Family Agreement

A family agreement is a great way to start a conversation with your whole family about how you all use the internet and discuss together how to behave in a positive way when online at home, at school or at a friend’s house. To support parents in creating a family agreement, Childnet International have put together some free advice and a helpful family agreement template for families to help families set clear expectations for positive and safe internet use. Below is a link to help you create your own family agreement. Why not put one up next to the computer at home and talk about it with your children? 

For more help and advice with online safety please see our suggested sites by clicking the above ‘Online Safety Sites’ link.

The internet is a great way to connect with your friends and learn new things. But it’s also important to stay safe.¬†

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